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Halloween 2017

This cheerleader costume didn't quite fit. Sirius is a pirate ready to swipe some food. Not much of a warrior either. What's all the buzz about?

Let’s Go For A Ride Together!!

Rosco finally got to meet one of his cousins this weekend - BUNNIE! He loved playing with her every day. She was so gentle with him even though he was a punky young pup. We hope she visits again soon. :-)

Sleeping Beauty

Bunnie loves to sleep. On a very lazy day, she might sleep up to 22 hours! That pillow is the same one she's had since she was a puppy.

Puppy Pearls

Bunnie's first collar. It lasted only a few months, she grew fast. The pearls weren't the best for a collar either, her hair tangled easy. She was about 3 months of age in this photo. Categories Around Town Bunnie Costumes News Paparazzi Pics Tips Videos Share

Time to get off the computer!

Bunnie has managed to find a hole behind the bookshelf between my monitors to stare me down. She lets me know when the work day should be done.