Puppy Pearls

Bunnie's first collar. It lasted only a few months, she grew fast. The pearls weren't the best for a collar either, her hair tangled easy. She was about 3 months of age in this photo. Categories Around Town Bunnie Costumes News Paparazzi Pics Tips Videos Share

Time to get off the computer!

Bunnie has managed to find a hole behind the bookshelf between my monitors to stare me down. She lets me know when the work day should be done.

Bunnie Wink

Bunnie will tilt her head when you speak to her. Ask her a question, and she tilts it even further. She gives good winks too.

Happy 10th Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Bunnie!! 10 years old today, looking good for her age! Today, June 4th 2015, Bunnie turns 10. She still has the same stuffed toy bear I gave her on the first day she arrived home. She's so gentle with her toys, and this one in particular she attends to regularly.

Take A Look 1.0

Screenshots from the original HTML version of this site. There used to be a store and a separate blog site. What remains can still be found here. This site has always been a “Pet Project” in the works.